Interior & Exterior Features

The design of Grand Empire convention center required a very lavish and luxurious environment. With a total of 5 domes on the structure, this convention centre is designed to be as tall as it is extravagant. The design philosophy for this project was to have bright gold lighting, purple wall tones and luminescent gigantic chandeliers. The banquet hall spaces are designed just as luxuriously as the exteriors, having backlighting and intricate formwork in pattern detail at all parts of the ceiling. Hence, the convention facility maintains a castle-like presence with its exterior and interior design. The exterior and interior design of this project involved the visualization of a banquet hall and convention facility.

Elements of Design:
+ royal castle feel
+ five exterior domes, three on building top and two at ground entrance level
+ triangular shape of canopy
+ beige and gold tones
+ large central dome brings down extravagant, large and lavish chandelier
+ 24 feet soaring high ceilings
+ vibrant lighting under Crawford ceilings in banquet hall rooms

+ glazing on central dome corners
+ street lamp fixtures around parking, with lavish exterior gardens
+ washrooms with small square tiling and screens
+ decorative purple and gold border around interior borders of largest dome
+ largest central chandelier incorporates many mini- chandeliers on side axes
+ chandeliers come down from emblems
+ central reception area with built in 3000 gallon aquarium fixed into wall
+ red corduroy with design carpeting banquet hall
+ projectors and lighting built into ceiling parts
+ spacious parking area with more than 500 parking spots
+ equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi connection

Strategically designed with a unique state of the art audio visual system comprising intelligent table lighting and surround sound built throughout the hall. Equipped with :
+ Complete JBL surround sound system with Subwoofers (powered by Lab Gruppen amplification)
+ 10 Martin MAC 250 intelligent moving head lighting
+ 6 motorized screens and digital projectors
+ 110 fully programmable color changing LED pinspot lights with gobos
+ 2 Hazers